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New England Nostalgia at its Finest

Fisher Stillman brings the best of New England to your collection.

Raised in the heart of the New England landscape and specializing in landscape subjects in the English and New England tradition, Fisher Stillman Fine Art is acutely aware of the emotive impact that such subjects can have on a collector's home.

In the context of 2020, that impact is needed now more than ever. If you find yourself feeling farther than ever from your roots, whether that be spiritually or physically, Fisher Stillman can help you return to those roots through a beautifully rendered landscape painting. If you find yourself feeling nostalgic for the lush greens of a summer in the English countryside, or the vibrant tones of autumn in New England, Fisher Stillman can help you find that perfect scene. If you find yourself longing for a getaway to the countryside, Fisher Stillman can help you get there through the perfect addition to your art collection.

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