Norway Diaries | Entry No.1 – Aaroy River’s ‘Platforms of Despair’

Sebastián Letelier is, in our personal opinion, one of the most talented multi-hyphenates of the fly fishing world. The title ‘painter-master fly tier-guide-avid storyteller’ doesn’t quite do justice to all he has to offer to the sporting world and beyond, but it’s a start.

Norway clearly has a special place in Sebastián’s heart, as can be seen in both his paintings and his words. We’ve compiled a mini series of Sebastián’s notes detailing each of his beautiful Norwegian Riverscapes. Read on for a peek inside the diary of this multi-talented individual.

Letelier – Platforms Of Despair, Aaroy River – Oil – 25 x 14 – $5300

This painting depicts the beautiful, secluded upper section of the Aaroy River, located in Western Norway. 

This picturesque yet wild river is known for its unique strain of massive Atlantic salmon, as well as its unique fishing history. Apparently, the legendary House of Hardy – whose owners were known to have fished there – developed some tackle specifically for fishing the Aaroy. 

It’s been captured in writing by both the famous hotelier Mr. Charles Ritz, as well as renowned angling author Ernest Schwiebert. Both visited and fished the river during the tenancy of Count Denissoff, which began in 1921 and ended in the mid 60s. 

The ‘Platforms of Despair’ – as christened by Mr. Ritz in his book ‘A Flyfisher’s Life’ – were planned and constructed by Major W.J. Smith in 1919. Smith fished there many times as a guest of the Duke of Westminster, one of the former tenants. 

-Sebastián Letelier as told to Sportsman’s Palette