Sneak Peek – Keith Cardnell’s Newest Angler

As we alluded to on Thursday, Keith Cardnell’s latest piece for the Sporting Art market is most certainly testing the boundaries of what might be considered ‘acceptable.’ Cardnell is stepping outside the norm from what has been commonly accepted as ‘typical’ flats paintings: light blues, shallow water, bright & white flats.

This new piece is contrarian, but uniquely dramatic. Keith Cardnell is doing the polar opposite of what a sporting artist (including himself) would typically do for a flats subject. He does this to test his limits as an artist and craftsman, and in doing so, is stepping outside his own comfort zone in a big way.

On Thursday, we talked about Cardnell’s use of color being nothing short of breathtaking, and this time, uniquely dramatic. What’s most intriguing in this painting is the color combination of red & black. This combination itself is of course nothing new, and well-used in contemporary painting to create impact. However, it’s rarely, if ever, found in paintings that attempt realism.

Here is our first sneak peek at Keith Cardnell’s latest & greatest flats painting for the sporting art market:  

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