Two New Leteliers for December

Our wonderful artist Sebastián Letelier, all the way from Chile, has been hard at work this season guiding, fly tying, and creating some wonderful new art for you! We just got ahold of two new pieces from him, the first titled Angler at Casting Platform, Stryn River (Telegen Pool), and the second titled Playing A Salmon at Laerdal River (Bjorkum Pool).

Sebastián also provided us with a wonderful little history of the two pieces – as you may have read in his interview with us from earlier in the year, Norway has been a place close to Sebastián’s heart for quite some time, making these new Norwegian subjects all the more special for him.

From Sebastián:

“I have fished both rivers, located in stunning Western Norway. I was struck by their majestic steep valleys and fjords, green-blue clear rivers, and their salmon! There is a long angling tradition and history there, dating from the 1800s when the rivers were leased by the English to spend the whole season fishing there – and you can still see traces of that now. The late Ernest Schwiebert (one of my favorite authors) fished and wrote about the Laerdal River (as well as the Stryn) a few times, as well as Bjorkum pool, which I have painted and fished – I have fond memories of this river, the valley, the people I have met, and the spectacular scenery and fish that swim in it.”

Letelier – Playing A Salmon at Laerdal River (Bjorkum Pool) – Oil – 16 x 14 – $3500
Letelier – Angler at Casting Platform, Stryn River (Telegen Pool) – Oil – 23.75 x 14 – $4700

“The fantastic Stryn, with its haunting fast-running glacier waters is another jewel that has its own charm and histories, kept in the old English farmhouses erected along the river bank. I was able to land a 37 pound Atlantic salmon that gave an epic chase and battle at midnight – that was a nice reward after fishing days without a single pull! So it is a special river too for me!”

What strikes us most about these two new pieces from Sebastián is exactly what strikes us most about his way with words – the incredible storybook-like poetry of the scene he creates is enough to transport us to a completely different time and place.

While the landscapes themselves are vast, expansive, majestic settings in a rather extreme region of the world, Sebastián’s soft, muted earth tones and gentle lines make his paintings feel, in a sense, downright cozy.

Perhaps thanks to his own familiarity with and deep connection to the place, Sebastián is able to take the rugged landscape of Western Norway and turn it into something familiar and comforting, maybe even something we’ve seen in a dream….

To inquire about these two new pieces or any of Sebastián’s other sporting works, please contact Fred at or (802) 598-8301.

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