Happy International Artist Day

Did you know that today, October 25, is International Artist Day? Launched in 2004, the day marks a special occasion to honor the contributions that artists of all kinds have made and continue to make to our world. IAD’s official website encourages us to “take an artist to lunch, or buy that painting that’s been haunting you for the last month. Visit a virtual gallery or online music event. Do something creative outside your daily routine. Live Life!”

We hope you’re all finding a special way to celebrate the day, and in the meantime, why don’t you…

Take a peek inside artist Sebastián Letelier’s Norway Diaries

Take a moment to remember the late & great Arthur Shilstone and Keith Cardnell

Read our spotlight from earlier this year on artist Mark Susinno

Check out our various interviews with some of our wonderful sporting artists

Peruse periodicals featuring Sportsman’s Palette artists throughout the years

And, of course, browse available works by your favorite sporting & landscape artists.