Sporting Art-Inspired Costume Ideas

Halloweekend is right around the corner! If you find yourself in need of a costume for a party, chaperoning the trick-or-treaters, staying home to give out candy, or otherwise, then why not dress as that which we KNOW we’d all rather be doing!? (Especially if you’re throwing the costume together at the last minute….) We’ve compiled a few Halloween costume ideas for those of us who’d much rather be out in the field or on the stream, (composed mostly of items you can probably find in your own closet…!)  inspired by none other than some of our wonderful sporting art paintings! Scroll to see our costume ideas and the paintings that inspired them:

If you’re a nostalgic whose main concern is coziness: 

Nothing says ‘vintage fishing cabin ambience’ quite like this little McCann illustration, and we think it’s all in the angler’s outfit. Pair a down-filled vest with your favorite vintage-inspired flannel and wool trousers and you’ve got yourself quite the 20th-century-sporting-illustrator-inspired costume! (Bonus: find some vintage fly fishing equipment for the photo ops.)

Hat: Filson | Flannel shirt: Orvis | Down vest: Outdoor Research

For the surfcasters: 

These colorful coastal scenes by artists John Walter Scott and Dennis Lyall are the perfect Halloween costume inspiration for striped bass enthusiasts. Done either alone or as a couple, we think it’d be super easy to recreate these looks for a simple costume that’s still unique and specific. 

T-shirt: Patagonia | Waders: L. L. Bean | Hat: Orvis

Hat: Amazon | Jacket: Lululemon | Pants: Orvis | Boots: Barbour

The super easy couple’s or group costume: 

Need a couple’s or group costume but don’t have the time or energy to design something elaborate? Look no further than your own waders and these classic trout stream scenes by Rhode Island artist Harley Bartlett. Just throw on matching or contrasting solid-colored long sleeves under your waders, matching caps, and you’re set! 

Waders: Orvis | Hat: Orvis | Blue top: Patagonia | Red top: L. L. Bean

A couple’s costume that includes the dog: 

Who can resist a Halloween costume that requires the participation of a beloved pet!? This incredible work by 20th century artist Warren Baumgartner checks all the boxes for a fun couple’s-plus-dog costume idea – distinct, topically-specific outfits with a playful and adventurous quality. 

Outfit 1: Hat: Stetson | Vest: Laksen | Top: Patagonia | Belt: Filson | Outfit 2: Jacket: Orvis | Hat: Orvis | Pants: Carhartt

We hope you all have a very happy and safe Halloween this weekend, and let us know if any of you get your costume inspiration from your favorite piece of sporting art!