Norway Diaries | Entry No. 2 – Gaula River

Sebastián Letelier is, in our personal opinion, one of the most talented multi-hyphenates of the fly fishing world. The title ‘painter-master fly tier-guide-avid storyteller’ doesn’t quite do justice to all he has to offer to the sporting world and beyond, but it’s a start. 

Norway clearly has a special place in Sebastián’s heart, as can be seen in both his paintings and his words. We’ve compiled a mini series of Sebastián’s notes detailing each of his beautiful Norwegian Riverscapes. Read on for a peek inside the diary of this multi-talented individual.

Letelier – Evening At Langoy – Oil – 12 x 9.5 – $2000

The mighty Gaula river brings fond memories of my visit, back in 2007 – where I landed my first salmon ever, after a few sleepless nights. The Gaula is yet another river documented by the pen of Ernest Schwiebert. It was also Lee Wulff’s favorite river for dry fly fishing in Norway, and has a long history of British anglers visiting dating back to the mid-1800s. 

-Sebastián Letelier as told to Sportsman’s Palette