Stage 02.3 – Moving on from The Seabed

Cardnell: After what must have been 20,000 brush strokes, I believe I’ve taken Stage 02 as far as I can and now will move on to Stage 03.

As you can see in this Stage, I have taken the paint almost to the bottom of the left hand corner.  This I have left un-overpainted while I decide how to represent the seabed when I include the Bonefish.  The rest of the canvas has been completely covered in short directional brushstrokes that I hope take the viewer’s eye towards the horizon.  This was a long, almost arduous, time consuming job that will hopefully pay dividends as the image nears completion.  I believe I’ve resolved the ‘transitions’ that I previously identified, but there have been a few additional ‘transitions’ that were not included in the images I sent for Stage 02.2 that have been resolved also. I hope to improve some of the modelling of the seabed ridges during Stage 03, begin serious work on the clouds, and start to define the mangrove trees.  On top of this I hope to produce images of my color studies for the ‘principal pair’ and the shoal of Bonefish. It will be good to get away from the seabed for a while, and I’ve been looking forward to starting on the sky again.