Stage 05.2 – Corrections & Enhancements

To the viewer’s eye, Cardnell’s Masterpiece very well could have been complete in Stage 05.1, or even Stage 04.3. To the master himself, however, there are two more stages to come before completion. The following two stages of infinitesimal perfections and details further illustrate Cardnell’s uncompromising dedication to the art, and solidify him as the next great Master of Sporting Art.

Cardnell: Here is a short list of my efforts since that last image was transmitted:

  1. Re-established over-painted foliage boundary
  2. Textured the headland for better aerial perspective
  3. Re-established over-painted foliage boundary
  4. Micro-brushstrokes added to texture and lighten color streams
  5. Small horizontal brushstrokes to define and detail floor streams
  6. Diffused trees on headland with a thin blue white scumble to aid aerial perspective
  7. Additional debris placed
  8. Areas of the main ‘lattice’ that received intensified highlights
  9. New tide-line added
  10. Sand clouds blown up by Bones enhanced
  11. Beach edge brought forward a little
  12. The secondary ‘lattice’ was reinforced
  13. Partial addition of an anchor shaft

As for the detail of the beach area and Bonefish – The Bones are very close to being as distorted and defused as much as I dare as I’m still trying to retain a good level of visual clarity. I think I can justify this by saying the water is very shallow, very clear, relatively undisturbed, and the fish are very close to the surface. There is a clear distinction in terms of contrast and definition between the Bones and other major items on the composition such as the mangroves and the ‘principal pair’, which should justify halting any further distortion. However, I will be adjusting the shadows thrown by Bones 7 and 8 from the bottom to increase the realism of this aspect.

Moving on, there will be two more stages to improve definition, reduce the viewing distance, and improve perspective. These are the specific tasks to be completed during those processes:

  • Re-establishing detail of the Sooty Tern
  • Further highlights to the main ‘lattice’
  • Improve cloud highlights & lowlights
  • Improve the definition of the secondary cloud formation (to the right, closest to the horizon)