Stage 06.1 – Finishing the Sky

Cardnell: Prior to the annotated image, I did considerable work on the sky and A LOT of work on seabed highlights from the horizon to the beginning of the ‘lattices’.  This general area is the most time-consuming, requiring the most brushstrokes per unit area. That said, it’s all looking pretty authentic as well as clean and tidy now. The clouds still need a little more work as I was waiting for some white paint to dry.

So, what do I want to do now and what are my timescales? My two jobs tomorrow and Sunday are to finish the sky and complete enhancing the ‘lattices’. I’d like to dwell on Bones and shallows highlights all day Monday. On Tuesday it will be time to add the rod & line and to ‘square-away’ the principal pair with tighter detail. Maybe a little more debris. So I guess at that point Stage 06 is absolutely complete.

Per the annotated image, I did a LOT of work on the highlights and have only just finished adding the rod and line.  This will NOT impact on the dispatch date as a lot of tidying-up and detail work went into that process.   I also made a couple of significant changes to clouds on the extreme right-hand-side.  I’ll be finishing off the principal pair tonight and then tackle the thin-water and Bones tomorrow.

The annotated elements of the image include:

  1. Tail wake added
  2. Thin water ‘lattice’ enhanced
  3. Sand clouds enhanced
  4. Shadows moved further from two Bones
  5. Sooty tern re-established
  6. All cloud formations softened and some had slight adjustments to geometry
  7. Major adjustment to cloud and sky geometry
  8. Rod and line added
  9. Tree reflection enhanced and extended
  10. Highlights and mid-tones of the ‘lattices’ enhanced
  11. All mid-sea to horizon areas softened and lightened with additional small paint-strokes
  12. Distant cloud clusters suggested
  13. Headlands softened and textured slightly