Stage 07 – Tidying Up

This is it – the final stage of the Masterpiece; the culmination of nearly a year’s worth of patience, dedication, and precision.

Cardnell: As well as numerous small adjustments to the picture, four significant alterations were applied to enhance. These are listed below, in tandem with the annotated image:

  1. To scale correctly, the thin-water ‘lattice’ was modified and then extended for continuity
  2. The sand cloud was enhanced and extended slightly
  3. Mid-tone highlights of the main lattices were enhanced to balance these areas a little better
  4. Highlights in the near-most lattice were extended.

What a journey this has been, exploring the mind and artistic process of one of today’s top Sporting Art Masters. It has been a simultaneously intimate and revealing one, learning the practices and intricacies of how, exactly, a Masterpiece is brought into this world from a simple canvas and painting materials. As a testament to his prowess as an artist and craftsman above anything else, Cardnell has said:

“For the viewer I hope he/she will experience pleasure in owning something I have produced and they are happy and proud to share that viewing experience with friends and family. That said, I still get a ‘buzz’ when, on someone viewing a finished painting of mine, I overhear something like, “Wow” or “Awesome” or “Stunning.” It is a gratification that, for an instant, is far, far more thrilling than actually selling an artwork.”

“Wow,” indeed.