Sneak Peek – Keith Cardnell’s Newest Guide

Here we go again – Sneak Peek #2 at Keith Cardnell’s latest masterpiece.

Last week we showed you the angler, and this week, fittingly, you’ll get a peek at the guide.

While there’s nothing dramatically different between angler and guide in this piece at its current state, we hope this second sneak peek gives you another glimpse at the incredibly evocative palette Cardnell is employing with this newest painting.

To reiterate what’s already been said, this new painting is almost entirely contrarian to what is typically considered ‘acceptable’ in the realm of contemporary flats fishing subjects. Rather than using a palette of bright whites and light blues to convey a flats fisherman at high noon, Cardnell is going for a contemplative, end-of-day palette with red set against black – something that is almost never seen in paintings attempting realism.

Here’s our guide:

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