A Sense of Place | A Place to be Sensed: Vol. 4 – Moody November

Arthur Shilstone’s prolific career as a Master of Sporting Art produced a vast and diverse inventory of watercolor sporting scenes. Any Sporting Art enthusiast can find their sense of place within his body of work. With such a large inventory, however, we recognize the potential challenge of pinpointing that one exact scene (or 2, or 3….)  that brings a distinct ‘place to be sensed’ to a collection. We’ve decided to break down the collection into a few distinct categories and dive into the sparkling waters and abundant forests of a few select pieces. Today, we’ll be focusing on a second selection of Shilstone’s autumn sporting scenes.   

If we haven’t made it clear already, we think Shilstone’s incredible ability to capture a mood is nothing short of magnificent. Whether it’s a sun splashed spring day on the river, a lush late summer day spent soaking in the last remaining rays of sun, or a foliage-filled October day spent chasing fowl, the range of place, time, and feeling is incredible.  

As we move into the last remaining weeks of 2020, what should be a moody & chilly season has turned into a very unseasonal (and a little-more-than-slightly-concerning) heat wave across the Midwest and Northeast. The air feels & smells like a warm June day, while leaves continue to fall and Halloween decorations still adorn porches. Now we may be the exception, but we were 100% ready for the dark, cold days November typically promises. Once again, we have artistic interpretation on our side to bring that mood to life when it’s lacking in real time. Arthur Shilstone’s signature style of subtle washes mixed with finer foreground detailing is just enough to capture that November feeling we’re looking for. Browse this curated selection of moody pieces packed with dark greens and earthy tones, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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