Sneak Peek – Keith Cardnell’s Sunset

Happy Wednesday! We have a third sneak peek at Keith Cardnell’s latest masterpiece to get you over the hump.

Take some time to bask in the glory that is this sunset – none of Cardnell’s sporting paintings to date have featured a sunset, so we are incredibly excited to see this new feature in his work. And based on how he has masterfully rendered the water and sky of his previous flats fishing subjects, we are absolutely thrilled to see how this new piece will evolve.  

In case you missed it in the first two sneak peeks, we want to convey just how special this new piece will be – not only is Keith Cardnell once again testing his own limits as an artist and craftsman, but he is courageously testing the limits of the market in the sense that this piece is most certainly outside the norm of what is commonly accepted as typical flats fishing paintings. This new piece is quite literally on the opposite end of the spectrum of the typical ‘bright & white’ flats fishing paintings.

Like we said, though, based on what we know about his craftsmanship and technical skills as an artist, we absolutely cannot wait to see how this new, contrarian piece turns out – no matter the subject, every canvas by Keith Cardnell is bound to be a masterpiece.

Check it out & let us know what you think in the comments down below:

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