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Sportsman’s Palette Interviews Peter Joslin

Last week we got caught up with Vermont artist Peter Joslin, who has been busy recently creating beautiful new landscape works for Fisher Stillman – head over to his page here to check them out, and inquire here!  Keep scrolling to read our conversation with the artist:  Sportsman’s Palette: What’s your favorite thing about living…

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Dispatch from Derry, New Hampshire

The New Year has already been host to some good things, against the backdrop of ugliness that was 2020. Among those good things are the new and beautiful works our artists continue to create, notably these two idyllic New England winter scenes from Harley Bartlett – straight from The Robert Frost Farm in Derry, New…

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Interpretations of the Landscape Vol. 1 – A Vermonter’s Trees

The natural landscape around us has inspired impassioned artists for centuries. And each artist enriches the world with their own artistic interpretation of the landscape. And each person viewing the artist’s work enriches their own mind and others with their own interpretation of the artist’s work. So, dear reader, here’s my own interpretation of an…

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