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Sportsman’s Best Friend

We’re told that the sporting partnership between humans and dogs developed thousands of years ago, and stemmed from a deep bond of affection. Over the years, humans clearly felt this connection to be strong and significant enough to not only welcome dogs into our homes as domestic pets, but also to include their likenesses in…

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Sneak Peek – Keith Cardnell’s Sunset

Happy Wednesday! We have a third sneak peek at Keith Cardnell’s latest masterpiece to get you over the hump. Take some time to bask in the glory that is this sunset – none of Cardnell’s sporting paintings to date have featured a sunset, so we are incredibly excited to see this new feature in his…

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Sneak Peek – Keith Cardnell’s Newest Guide

Here we go again – Sneak Peek #2 at Keith Cardnell’s latest masterpiece. Last week we showed you the angler, and this week, fittingly, you’ll get a peek at the guide. While there’s nothing dramatically different between angler and guide in this piece at its current state, we hope this second sneak peek gives you…

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